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Skills on Wheels



The mobile skills labs are the result of the L.I.N.C.S. $2.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor and the Delta Regional Authority (check out my work on this project here). 

The labs offer a flexible and innovative solution to develop the workforce’ skills in rural Alabama. The self-contained units are adaptable to different employer requirements and at the cutting edge of innovative approaches and solutions for education and training that includes a combination of virtual reality training, workplace simulation and hands-on learning. The units will provide up-skilling and job training opportunities that will lead directly to job placement for students.

I got contacted to create the full visual identity for the classrooms. This included the exterior and interior design of the units. 

The labs are going to travel through Alabama during two years so the design had to reflect all the changes this program could take during this time. 

At the beginning of the project, when I asked how to describe these labs in a few words, I got a numerous amount of words. The stakeholders where not able to decrease the size of this list, because these classrooms are synonyms of so many things for this state. 

I decided to use this wide spectrum of ideas as my main design component. 


Skills On Wheels Learning Labs
Interior Skills On Wheels
Interior Skills On Wheels