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Weaving Art into Literacy

The event


Weaving Art into Literacy is an event held by the Black Belt Community Foundation in Alabama. Its main goal is to help children become stronger readers. They wanted me to create a new visual identity for this event, that will attract their 3 main targets: reading coaches, teachers, and artists.

I had full creative freedom and my only requirement was to design a colorful logo.


I sent 3 logo proposals to the Arts Symposium committee.


Firt Logo Proposal

First version

I went for a really minimal proposal. I mainly played on the word «weaving» for the visual element.

Second Version Logo

Second version

I wanted the pattern covering the book to represent art. I also went for a typewriter font to remind the literacy subject.

Third version

Third version

Literacy and art making one.

The committee loved the second version and immediately selected it to represent the event.

Selected Logo